Why Choose DigiTech India?

About Us

We are software and antivirus software seller in India. Since its inception in the year 2018, DigiTech India, has been providing world class IT Products, Services and Consulting to a diversified range of Business. Our mission is to help implement technology Solutions for commercial use thereby helping our clients manage change through high-quality, cost-effective, simple and practical solutions.

The fast changing technology & business conditions underline the need for a partner who not only provides IT services but the right guidance and ensure smooth implementation. A partner who has the necessary depth of knowledge and skills and most importantly a partner who responds to all your calls promptly. That is what DigiTech India is known for.


To deliver Technology Solutions by meeting continuous growing expectations of today’s customers through excelling in corporate value and be their most preferred IT Business Partner.

  • To be the most trusted IT Products & Services Company which enhances business volumes and increase value for money.

  • Help to assist our clients to achieve their business objectives through Superior Customer Service, Quality and commitment.

  • Developing a team of dedicated and motivated task force with high ethical norms.

Why makes DigiTech India Different and Unique?
  • Consistent growth from the day we started in 2018, time when the IT Industry was in the lowest ebb.

  • A consistent record of repeat customers is a testimony of our remarkable track record with Quality, consistency and outstanding technological prowess.

  • > 65% of our business is through existing and repeat customers.

  • Consultative Approach with Customers.

  • Customers first, always.

Our Core Values
  • Adapting the highest standards of honesty, Integrity and transparency in everything we do.

  • With Positive attitude, teamwork and humility, Team LDS is determined to build a large, professionally managed organization.

  • We believe that if Employees are taken care, customers will be automatically taken care.

Why should you deal with DigiTech India?
  • We deal with our customers with a human touch.

  • Proven experience in delivering results and customer experience.

  • Quick response to any enquiry or problems.

  • Highly competitive, dynamic and dedicated team of people with Passion to Serve and Win.

  • We are pointsec encryption expert 

  • Expert in software licenses

  • We preprare price list computer programs 

  • Symantec mail security for domino

Contact Us

 Address. SP Infocity, Bhekrainagar, Fursungi, Pune 412308

Tel. +91-8007826827

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